Containers with Runners

During my time in GZ I’ve come across many storage containers housing about a dozen Runners that are not mission related. I’m sure many of you humans out there have discovered the same thing, but what teases my curiosity the most is the fact that I can only destroy them with the Grenades and propane so far have not done anything but what I really want to know is if any one knows if anything comes of destroying all the containers?

Inactive Runner containers are there for the passive story telling. Blowing them up won’t give you anything. You’d only waste your ammo.

Btw, it is possible to blow them up with other weapons, but you’d be using far more ammo to do that.

Oh, inactive Runners aren’t the only inactive machines you come across. There are others as well. :wink:

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I find too much BMG plus its satisfying too see all the explosions. :exploding_head:

I was afraid to blow them up the first time I came across them and didnt have a mission telling me to destroy them. I was afraid of bugging out a mission I hadn’t yet picked up.