content development.

Hello forum users. I hope the developers read this. I want to propose the development of the game and the introduction of new content. as there is very little variety in the game.
I want to start with the plot company. I would like to see a global enemy in the person of cyborgs and artificial intelligence that builds mechanized laboratories, captures people and animals (for example, wolves and bears, since the forest in the game is empty, dead and lifeless) and implants microchips and weapons into them (like a virus in the film ) that would be just incredibly cool and interesting.
There are also not enough weapons in the game, very few. his weight is inadequate.
armor - there are no body armor in the game, no helmets, no homemade armor, but I would like to see adequate protection and not a bulletproof shirt… the crown of the armor should be an exoskeleton, increasing the bearable weight and providing heavy armor. isn’t that great!?)) and populate the world with rebels (fighting locally) not a single cow in the fields, not a single wolf, wild pig or boar in the forest… criticize, suggest. thanks to all.

I guess most of what you’re missing is missing due to the limitations of the engine.

Cyborgs are too Hightech for GZ in my eyes and them, animals and more NPCs can’t be done with the current engine.
So maybe with a sequel in an improved version of the apex engine?

I don’t know if it already exists, if it’s capable of doing this and I’d bet that avalanche/ systemic reaction won’t change the engine to another one.

Just my opinion, the thing that really grabbed me about Gen Z on launch was how different it felt , no fantastical enemy at first , localised events that fit the location.
I feel the game is still around this point at present , maybe just.
I really would hate this to become soaked in generic enemy’s we have all seen before, then it becomes just another one, and it looses that appeal.
I don’t know what the future holds for the game , it does need something , maybe a sequel, I just hope the flavour is the same , retro Swedish war zones , or maybe it spreads to neighbouring nations .
I think little jumps would fit the storyline , not Hollywood fire breathing cyborgs struggling to pronounce a Swedish phone book :v:


That’s right, cyborgs will be more advanced and smarter, since AI will create them, this is the whole point of such an innovation!)

If I understand your post is that you like the game but would like to change everything in the game, then add stuff that is not there now. Basically, change it to a game that it is not now, and it will no longer be.

So what about the game do you like and should stay the same?