Content Ideas / QoL Suggestions

It would be nice to be able to utilize safehouses more efficiently by building traps and defenses, maybe build storage containers (Weapon racks, ammo crates, cupboards, etc) It would be nice to choose a location as a sort of player hub for you and your team mates when playing the game.

You could get the materials for the traps and defenses from the other robots by targeting their components. This also allows for the introduction of more robots later down the track that hold other components for base building content.

Clothing stats and weapon stats should be an actual number to give the player more certainty with their build and weapon choices.

Game progression should be completely character based, not account based.

Map Locations should be consistent with the amount of loot in each area but randomly placed within the area so we still have to look for them.

Power should be turned off in all houses, just like the safe houses, requiring the player to use the power board at the side of the house if they want lights on at night.

Ammo types for weapons should be easily cycled through using a key or button input, causing the player to reload the weapon for that ammo type.

This might sound weird but there should be more corpses or dead people within the game world, did these robots have a cleaning crew?

A simple sleep feature to restore health would be nice but you can only sleep at safehouses.