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Hi everyone,
I’ve decided to make a post on the forum about things I’d like to see or think should be implemented. I’ll try to keep it as organized as possible.

Double Barrel shotgun - Simple, yet effective at putting a couple shells of lead at your target.
Auto magnum- What 80’s themed game would be complete without the classic 80’s action handgun? I think this would work as they are made in .44 magnum, so it would use the same ammunition as the revolver. Probably balance the slightly higher capacity compared to the revolver with not having any mods available for it.
Skorpion- These have been around a long time, and would be something else to use the .32 ammo, but still be compact enough as a sidearm.
RPD/RPK- A light machine gun chambered in 7.62 might be something for those who want something to sustain fire on an enemy. I like the idea of the belt fed as it would naturally be a longer reload time, as well as the fact as not having trigger discipline would mean you waste a hell of a lot of ammo, and reloads make you vulnerable, making a switch to another gun in an extended combat action necessary.
Rolling block rifle- another long range rifle that would be a fun option. It wouldn’t make sense to do more damage than a .50 BMG rifle, so considering terminal ballistics, a high grain round at a lower velocity could have a very high chance to stagger. It has to be reloaded after every shot, so the ROF/DMG is traded off for a utility use. (I like rolling block rifles, so sue me).

Variant kits
This is basically a concept to have certain loot items you use on weapons to change them drastically. Not sure if each weapon would have one, but something to think about.
Hacksaw-Basically, use it to turn a double barrel shotgun into a sawed off shotgun, which would now be a sidearm instead of a main weapon
grenade launcher-under barrel grenade launcher that could be used on assault rifles. doesn’t take the space of a rocket launcher, but has a much smaller explosive radius, damage, and lower velocity and arc make it harder to use at range. You could select the grenade with the ROF select button when cycling through.

Bottle rockets-like the flare, could be used to distract bots with the light, heat, and noise. shouldn’t affect them in combat, but could be used to lure them away if you’re trying to sneak past them.
molotovs- I think this would be an interesting addition. If you hit a bot with it, the heat overloads their targeting (like fireworks) but only for the robot that’s on fire, while simultaneously dealing a small amount of damage. would be good against tanks.

Weapon Mods
Tracer rounds- I know it’s not a realistic, but a magazine that makes every 4th shot or so in a magazine a tracer round. It doesn’t increase ammo capacity, but gives a slight damage increase to the tracer round, with the disadvantage of causing you to draw more aggro, and because the trails, would make you be found much faster even if you’re trying to use a silencer
Bipod- could be used to completely eliminate weapon sway if firing in a prone position (I think prone would be a good addition to the game as well, although this would invalidate a certain specialization, the skills should be reworked a little).

Skill system rework
I’ve noticed a lot of debate on this forum about skills, and arguing about skill cap removal and other things. I figured I’d weigh in on the subject. I think the skills should be broken up a little between two sections: Passive and active unlocks. I agree that certain skills shouldn’t use skill points to be unlocked and should be for all classes (like inventory space). Things like this could just be automatically unlocked once you reach milestone levels, while the others are unlocked as they are now. I think that it could also be more of a tree (or trees) instead of some lies. you work your way down from the top, but can move laterally at some points, allowing different paths to the same skill unlock, giving more player choice in their specialization. some specializations seem underpowered compared to others (like remove weapon sway) so reducing weapon sway could be a milestone, and that specialization could be replaced with extra damage to enemies that aren’t targeting you (since a marksman won’t be on the frontline). That might not sit as well with solo players, but it’s something.

Sorry if I’ve mentioned things other people have suggested, or I don’t explain something well enough, or it sounds outright stupid, but hopefully this might give the devs some ideas on how to really shape this game into something even better.

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One more thing I forgot to mention. The gas mask is somewhat annoying with how the lenses are dirty. I was thinking it would be an interesting idea to remove that, but make the lenses slowly fog up if you sprint/jog for a long time.

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