Continuation of the story in Alpine unrest?

I finally finished the story yesterday and I loved it. So my question is, does the story keep on going in Alpine Unrest or is it just a “side quest” DLC? If somebody would want to answer this question, please don’t spoil anything for me. Thank you :love_you_gesture:

At the moment there are no more missions after the last one from the Alpine Unrest DLC

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Yes I understand that. But does the story continue in Alpine Unrest? Or is it just a couple of missions with no attachment to the original story?

Don’t know exactly what you mean. Alpine Unrest is a DLC. It has a story line the main story does not depend on, likely that is, in case it gets continued/expanded some time. That is good because the game does no require you to play the DLC to keep up to date for future expansions.

Of course the story is connected to the base game via the general setting. And if you play the DLC, in your experience the story continues. But as far as I have heard, there are no further revelations by the DLC to the background info or anything else related to the base game.

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Great! That’s what I wanted to know. Thank you :+1:

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Others hopefully correct me if I am wrong.

I’m experimenting with some things, and I thought the DLC involves a message from FNIX, which I thought would be story-continuaton related. Can you confirm this?

I am not there, yet.

I really loved the story but some things were left “unanswered” and up to speculations. I’m excited to see how well my theories are. I will buy the DLC but I think I wait for now. I’m a bit afraid that something might happen to character so I think it’s best I wait for a month or two

I finished the story yesterday, after exploring every little secret in the island, you will understand some things better, but nothing that one could not speculate after doing every mission from the “Main game”.
The DLC also puts the story into the direction of continuity.
Nothing major but some little things.
What do you mean by “something might Happen to the Character?”
You do know the Character is a Terminator model T800, nothing can stop you, you always come back and the machines can never open diplomatic channels with you :sweat_smile:.


I confirm FNIX sends you a “message” in a certain mission, but nothing major, the revelations are small and could be speculated from someone who finished the Main game.

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Me too. There might be some side missions I haven’t found but I don’t think they really matter story wise.

About my character. I’m afraid that he might get deleted or all my stuff dissappear. Corrupt save file. You name it. Some people have been very unlucky and I don’t wanna be one of them so I think I wait for a bit until I buy it

Back up your saves. They live in the (my) documents/avalanche/generation zero/saves folder.

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I would, but I’m on console for the time being. Don’t get me wrong. Nothing major has happened to me. But other people hasn’t been so lucky. They need time to work on some issues so I’ll give them time

I play on console too (PS4), i have 2 separate saves, actually began almost from nothing so that i could have the new DLC trophies,i created a post about it.
So do not worry too much, back up your save, if by a rare chance you can´t get the trophies go look the Post i created with a partial solution.

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I’m on Xbox. And I don’t really know how to back up my Save file. But we’ll see. I will probably give in when the next update arrives

I never owned an Xbox because of the lack of exclusives.
Can`t you copy the save data to a flash-drive?
That how i do it
Either that or to a Cloud data service like the PS plus cloud save.

PS: An external Hard drive would also do the job i believe?

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I understand that decision. I do have some regrets actually.
Well, I do have a hard drive. But my fiance has occupied my Xbox with The Sims currently. I will take a look at it tomorrow. But first I need some experimental weapons. I need to level up my rivals

I also just prefer the PlayStation to any other console :sweat_smile:, but console wars are a very stupid thing , well at least you have Halo and Gears :wink:.
Look around if you have access to a similar Cloud save data system, and flash drives are an easy and cheap way to storage data.
Hope it`s okay to put this here.

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There is a cloud function actually. But I haven’t cared to much about it. Now I have some options. Thanks dude :+1:

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