Control points/bases lost

Hi been playing this on Xbox series x, had taken control of 6 control points and built 4 large bases.
My son has come to play this on his account, but discovered he had extra control points and bases on his map/account. I have logged into mine, and all bar 2 bases are now gone, and the 2 remaining look nothing like what I had built (they seem to have merged my base with what my son had)
I’ve lost loads of resources as well as the points from destroying control points (had 50 it’s not at 10)
Not had any more crashes, since the last update (waiting to try the dark skies one) thankfully, but this is a very annoying bug that’s lost me a lot of hours building :disappointed: and wondered if anyone else had experienced it?

I lost 6 control points and was given one I never claimed??