Cool down timers for tanks missile barrages tick pods and machine guns

Tanks missile barrages need a cooldiwn timer along with tick pods that drop ticks and their machine gun is op this would make it balanced for solo but multiplayer could gave the timers reduced

Perhaps on the Prototypes (orange ones) but the Military and FNIX Tanks should keep their weapons as they are. They need to be a difficult encounter to match up their drop pools.

But all The ticks they drop tend to cause lag on PS4. Not one tank but when you face a few. And they usually have company. When they release a swarm of ticks together with all The shooting and explosions. It sometimes is like running in syrup.

Ok maybe the miltary ones don’t need the timers as much as the red tanks harvesters do as their actually manageable the red ones on the other hand just feel broken as they infinitely drop ticks unless you destory its pod and can constantly barrage with missiles their weapons have no cool down range on the michine gun is rediculus and continuesly fire this is where the combat suffers short or breaks the fun factor for sum i enjoy the game but this is where yhe combat falls short and flat

The cool-down is a good point - a 7.62 machine gun needs to change the barrel after every 200 rounds in 20 round bursts. They are firing at 640 rounds/minute and the tanks’ll fire solidly for ten minutes…

I just realised what would be cool. If a cooldown timer was added to the Tank’s machinegun, it could give off this distinct hissing sound, indicating some kind of air cooling, which you could learn to recognise and take advantage of.

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This would be awesome.

Alternatively, make the machine gun water cooled, and you could damage the cooling jacket to reduce the fire rate. Jacketed water cooling was actually not all that unusual even back then for single-barrel machine guns.

It’s not just the tanks that need a cool down. I was pinned down in the corner of a building with a Hunter bombarding me over and over with gas. I was just out of reach but he just kept on throwing it and I couldn’t move. Fortunately a Runner outside eventually did that pounce attack at the wall I was huddled against and put me out of my misery.

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