Cool Idea For Bases - VENDING MACHINES

What is it?

Vending machines that you can place in your base that you can use for trading.

How could it be used?

You could set up shops with these in your base and add items to it by interacting with it. When someone makes a purchase they will receive the item they bought and their payment would go into a storage container in the back of the vending machine that only the base owner can access. The currency they pay with would be set by the owner of the vending machine. (also signs and more décor would be cool to make the shop nicer!)

Just an idea ;D


Interesting idea, but I think that GZ isn’t the game for that.

For a MMO game it would be cool to have this feature for transfering items between the many random players.
But for a cooperative shooter like GZ, where we’re not just up to 4 random roaming fighters with the same enemy but a team of up to 4 friends who survived together and who are now part of the resistance, I would like to see a team-plundra where you can exchange items easily with.

All you drop in there can be picked by anyone in the team…

It’s not the story and the world for trading between the players. We are one resistance and we should share everything. Take what you need and leave what you don’t need, but maybe others could need.

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Maybe there could be resistance traders around the map with random items that change everyday, like the seaposts in sea of thieves!

This idea has been discussed already.
I believe reasons against were “too small world”, “Traders who trade with who? We’re alone and the world is too Dangerous for traders.”

Maybe I find the topics…

There are many…

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