Coop partners not getting credit for kills

Platform: PS5

Description: When killing enemies by setting up traps only the person that set the trap seems to be getting credit for machine kills… I.e. If I set up some gas canisters on a machine’s patrol route and one of my coop partners shoots a canister to destroy the machine I will get the xp popup and the kill logged in my profile but the person that actually shot the canister does not.

Steps To Reproduce: Kill any enemy by setting a trap and have a different player spring the trap

Host or Client: Both

Players in your game: Any #

Specifications: PS5

well if you place them down wouldn’t they technically be your “bullets”?
I’m guessing that you get credit because you placed the canisters.
Otherwise it’s probably because your host if not, well I can’t help

It happens whether I’m hosting or a guest. But hontesly that’s a pretty broken system if only the person setting a trap (and not the one springing the trap, or both) gets credit.

I think your problem is that your setting the trap, using your resources to destroy the machine, your friend is just setting it off. make him/her set the trap then you shoot it.

You’re missing the point. That would be like me getting the credit if I was the one to give my coop partner a gun and bullets (aka, supplying the resources) and they killed something with them.