Coop vs Solo "missing out?"

Just the other day Snipergirl told me that I would be missing out on a whole different part of Generation Zero not playing co-op, and when I thought about that, I wondered what I’d be missing out on. I obviously could imagine that the live interaction with another player would possibly bring more enjoyment, laughter, and I must say that sound rather appealing.

Watching a coop video I had noticed something that I didn’t know as a solo player, and I am not sure if this is really the case. One of the players in this coop game I was watching, regularly complained, that on of his mates who when they were hit by caustic or poisonous bullets, affected him, and lost health if they came to close to him. Since I always played solo this was something I didn’t know. In the beginning I thought he must have been close to a gas cloud or radiation patch. But he kept going on about it.

Do you know more examples of where or how there is a difference?
And what are the pros and cons in your opinion?

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Well there is some pros and some cons to playing with others for example my stats are so crazy now they are 100% all incorrect but on the other hand I’ve had some laughs. It’s hard to keep your friends playing though they only normally come for the updates, I’ve had 1 friend pestering me about the update for x box. I think also its fun to make more complex traps and ambushes, like using one person to lure the machines towards someone hidden. (More often though it’s screaming and just blasting away)

You also get the benefit of trolling with your friends, a little drop a gas canister while there in their inventory is a good one.

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I think the comradeship as well is good as it is pretty lonely sometimes in gz and I can’t help feeling a bit depressed for our character in single player


Yes, it know this is the greatest difference. I never meet new people if I only play Solo.

Solo play is indeed, sort of lonely. But for me no problem. While I play, there is life around me in and outside the house, so I don’t really feel lonely. It certainly isn’t quiet. Because, although I am alone in the game, I talk about what I see, or about something I cannot find. Machines that keep following me, etc.
That’s why sometimes, I get asked to tone it down a bit, or no coffee for me. :coffee:

Nothing boring at all. :+1: Great to hear how you found your way into coop/multiplayer.
Triggering haters, yeah, it’s hard to really tell if people you get to play with are nice. It’s the same on forum, and in real life too. Most of the time it is better to have a nothing revealing name.

I already told about stats getting haywire. But in general I don’t like coop either, because it restricts my choices of what to do, or not to do (oh Shakespeare-like). Now I can walk away from the game without feeling bad. I have three players in my family who have this game as well, maybe someday if they still are game, I’ll try it with them first.

Ha ha yes! trolling and screwing around with friends is super fun. So many good pranks.

One of my favorites is to get a ways ahead of them on a bike and stop to let them catch up to you. While they are coming, you trap the road with a gas or propane tank, maybe even a few! When they drive over it, you blow it.

Hilarious everytime!

Even better at night so they can’t see the trap.