Coördinates - in general

‘Searching but not finding’ (this Masquerade - the Carpenters) :compass:

Guys, probably very basic, but sometimes I’m searching locations with the help of helpful people on YT.
Often I’ll have to work with pure the coördinates, but that doesn’t seem to work for me - endless searching.

How do you work with coördinates? Mouse? or what?

Where ever your mouse is on the map, the coordinates in the bottom right of the map will update. Use your mouse, or your controller, to go around the map until you have found close enough coordinates to what you are looking for.

I know, but I can’t get a match.

Would be great to have an option to enter those coördinates directly?

Move slowly left and right and see which way the numbers go, then move up and down slowly and see which way the numbers go. Move in one plane till the number matches to the number you are looking for, then move in the other plane till it matches the other set of numbers.

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Done all that, but still… hmmmm