Copyright claimed on YouTube

I just noticed I had a copyright claim on YouTube for a soundeffect in Generation Zero.
I trimmed it out now but the sound was, according to YouTube;
“PHA Deviant Machine bpm110 keyGm STEM - FX - Hits-16310”
by Maks Piszczek


Dude. That’s just money grabbers that try to sue everyone for any little penny they can snatch. Don’t worry. Actually get ahold of youtube and they will make the accuser come forward with proof. If the accuser won’t come forward with proof then the claim will be revoked.

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Aye should’ nt have to prove nothing, its just music from a game , strange world :upside_down_face:

The sound is a rifleshot with an echo, I find it very hard to believe it even has copyright. They claimed 1 minute and 3 seconds out of a 40 minute episode but none of the other 50 episodes with the same gun.

Just wanted to put it out there in case it happens again.

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Yes, copyrights is a curious thing. Obviously music should be protected, but honestly … a gunshot with echo? It shouldn’t be that difficult to find “prior art” on that making the claim void and invalid.

I recall back in the 90’s that Harley Davidson intended to copyright the sound of their engine: “drip … drip … drip …” :wink:

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Oh man… copyright on a broken motorbike… I think Simon & Garfunkle already did that with The Sound of Silence.

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BTW, the same claimers also claimed 63 seconds of a Hank Williams song i did a cover on on another channel. Good luck with that.

So, generally speaking, there’s no issue with uploading GZ gameplay to youtube, but some randos with a portfolio are trying their luck at your channel?

Mhm. I think they try whatever and hope nobody notice them.

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Perhaps, but not the way it is now.
There is no moral right to have one’s outdated business model work in perpetuity.

Patents usually last between 14 and 20 years. Personally I believe that to be sufficient for all kinds of interlectual property. After that it should IMHO be rendered public domain for the common good.

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Don’t worry about these claims. Contact YouTube and clear this up. I recently got claimed on a sound the tank makes firing it’s scatter missiles. When I called after 2 days they said due to insufficient proof and the accusers lack of said copyrighted content that the claim was invalid.