Copyright use of Music within YouTube videos?

I was mainly asking if anyone knows the situation of the use of Generation Zero’s music within YouTube videos?

I plan on creating a video within this game, and was wondering if anyone knew what the situation was with using this games music?

Any help is greatly appreciated

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Well, that depends.

If you plan to record gameplay footage where the game music is heard during the gameplay then this is allowed.

However, if you plan to take music from Generation Zero and use it with any other context, other than discussion and/or gameplay footage from Generation Zero, then you may face issues.

To clear the matter, your best bet would be contacting Systemic Reaction via email at and ask your question there, while explaining in-depth what kind of content you plan to produce.

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I completely forgot about music issues, so when I record I usually mute the music to avoid problems.

Thank u @Aesyle and @Pilps I completely forgotbibcould ask this question on here and thnx for the answer as well :sweat_smile:

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I’ve MASSIVELY used GZ music for GZ content and have not been shut down yet. I have an extensive amount of recordings for most of the GZ music pieces you hear in-game that I use and alter to match the content which has been purely about and within the game. It’s non-profit content that benefits the game with engagement and exposure, so if I ever run in to a copyright issue with that, I’ll be sour.

You Should be fine, but I’m not a professional to say for certain. Most reasonable developers don’t go around shutting down people that use their music pieces for content surrounding those same games.

Thanks for the reply, in context the video will be about Generation Zero, i would just like to use the music files within the game separately in my editing software so i can control what music i would like to play for certain scenes.

Rather than relying on the game itself play for particular situations.

Thanks for that email too! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply man, my videos are monetised which is allowed. I usually only see it not becoming ok when you actually use the music for commercial use, for example selling or charging people to view your content involving music.

That’s usually the general theme around in-game music and using assets/footage.