Could Not Fast Travel (With Video)


First let me say I did search this using two different wordings & found nothing that fit. If I missed it as already reported or as a known issue please forgive my goal is to help make the game better not muck-up the forums.

Lets get to it. On Xbox with the XB1 Elite console, Streaming native to Mixer, Hosting with two players. At the 7hr 27min point of the stream (link below) we ran into a bit of lag issues, my friend was ready to go & wanted to make sure the game was saved, We opened the map to find a close safe house to find that there was no fast travel option (mid-mission). So, we completed the mission then looked again to fast travel & again the option was not there. We ran to the safe house it saved then looked & fast travel was there again.

Hope this information helps & again sorry if I missed a previous report of this.



Music in background suggest that You were in a combat… it’s not possible to fasttravel while in combat.


The music then was the bug if you watch the video even after battle won the music stayed on for almost one hour. So then the bug would be combat not ending…Has that been reported? Also if you watch to the end we were well out of combat & music stayed running…

Thanks for the reply.


Thanks for the report, I don’t think this issue has been reported before so good that you did, and including all the details helps to understand it better as well. Like @0L0 said it seems like you guys were stuck in combat for some reason.

I’ve noticed that sometimes certain enemies (often Runners) will run off and continue to shoot at you from afar. Aka, they never lose aggro. I’m thinking this could be something similar. If it happens again, try restarting the session. That would cancel any combat, see if it helps. If not, all the more reason to have it fixed :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’ve had this happen too (the enemies never losing aggro thing). Seems to especially happen to me when there are differing elevations involved (for example, if I’m fighting on a cliff, and something falls off the cliff, it never seems to lose aggro no matter how far away I go). I think there’s something screwy going on with detection though, as it’s not unusual for enemies to spot you and maintain aggro when they’re on the surface and you’re deep inside a bunker.


Getting killed will give 100% chance of fasttravel :wink:


LOL! Thank you for making me laugh with that reply. I am having a very bad day & the humor was much needed…Again Thank You!


Hello All,
As an update this has since happened twice more. In other areas the once (Yesterday) when simply exploring/free roam I was not coming out of a battle as with the video, no marker turned even yellow let alone red, no indication that I was in battle simply the music changed to the battle music & stayed that way till I ran back to a safe house then when I came out all was fine & even when in the same area.
Single Player
So it looks to be an issue with the in battle music not going off.