Couple issues i found while playing the game

Just a few problems that might be easy to solve, basic stuff.

  1. Level up system
    As we all know, it takes a long time to get to the higher levels, however, the issue is that i didnt know there was a limit at level 30, and no way to reset the points, which lead me to having to make another character just to get useful things instead of 25% faster stamina recovery.
    How to solve; put a warning that there is a limit and no way to undo the skill points, or just somehow make it possible to reset them.

  2. Big issue with challenges resetting
    Like i said, thanks to the skill thing, i had to make a new character, and when i did so, all the challenges reverted back to nothing.
    Most of them were almost complete, like the hunter and the tank one.
    Please fix it, i dont want anyone else to have to kill 1000 runners and ticks to get their clothes back.