CPU temp issues game pass vs steam version

So i enjoyed this game a lot on game pass and decided to buy it on steam as i prefer having all my games in one place…the issues is the game pass version i have around 55 - 60c temps which is fine…the steam version however will within seconds push the temps to 77c (Exact same save, exact same spot tested) What is going on?

Specs is ryzen 5800x with a 3080 ti and 32gb ram with plenty of cooling and airflow (nzxt x73 and a meshify s2 case)

if i stand still and look straight ahead temps drop to 52 - 55, if i just move sliiiightly ahead its up 10c…i have no idea whats going on

This is in a solo game (not tried multiplayer yet) Finished base game content on game pass and got base + DLC on steam

Also tried deleting the save and starting new, instant 77c CPU temps a few seconds into moving a little bit in the starting area (which does not happen on the game pass version)

Platform: PC

Description: Game pass version using 20 - 25% of 8 cores, Steam version pushing 100% on 16 Threads causing uncomfortably high cpu temperatures

Steps To Reproduce: Just started the game

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Solo

Players in your game: Only me

Specifications: AMD Ryzen 5800x , ASUS Dark Hero VIII, ASUS 3080 ti, G.Skill 32gb 3600 mhz

Maybe it’s because the game pass version is a stream while the steam version is installed on your system and uses more ressources?

Or… Caution, joke: steam is hot :rofl:

No, the game pass version is also installed and not streamed so that not the issue. Those temps are way over what games like Cyberpunk or even New World managed. It sucks because i finished the base game earlier and really wanted to get on with the DLC

Watching CPU load during both game pass and then steam version showed game pass using 20 - 25% of 8 cores and steam using upto 100% on ALL 16 threads…?

It may be possible that since the game pass version would be using the xbox version (I think it does anyway), that the optimization for more powerful systems is just not there.

That or maybe they have yet to actually optimize the game to PC hardware as much since mid range computers can just brute force it. Vice versa for consoles.

Usually not a problem for most game I would imagine but GZ has had weiurder issues before.

Both versions seems identical only change is i have the base game on game pass but with DLCs on steam, maybe an update causing something? It shouldnt put much load on the 5800x at all

Oh they also both run equally well, same FPS, just a ridiculous cpu usage on the steam version

Would be nice to know of other comparisons (other games) between game pass and steam.

Maybe steam is the cause.

I’m not sure, and it’s been long ago, but if I remember right even Counterstrike (1.6 and earlier) ran better before steam

Im going to try and reinstall it on steam without the DLC

When it pushes 16 threads to 100% it must be something else, that steam uses slightly more resources is to be expected but not noticeable on newer systems anyway

https://i.imgur.com/QUPpRSt.png heres the usage while i stand still, moving in a small circle shows the usage peaks and then standing still again. FPS is exactly the same standing still or moving, 120 - 140

Just tested GZ with everything on absolute lowest settings and still hitting higher CPU temps than Cyberpunk on maxed settings

Your GPU is maxed out too. Did you try switching on Vsync? I cannot say anything about the Gamepass version but maybe this version doesn’t use the same textures as the steam version?

GPU maxed out is normal, high res and everything on ultra including shadows. Happens both in game pass and steam version so its not that

Just guessing…

What about your drivers, system updates, directX and so on?

What accelerator do you use?

I’m not really up to date regarding playing on pc, as I built my last pc 9 years ago and haven’t played on it for about 8 years (since I got my ps4). But this have been things I would have checked.

Everything updated. Accelerator? Graphics card?

Its only GZ’s steam version that acts this way so its something with the game

I would suggest to set everything to low, try and monitor again and then set it higher step by step.

Maybe some of the settings or combinations don’t like your system configuration.

Which OS do you use? Win10 64bit?

Its the exact same at low unfortunately. I get around 130 - 150 fps in both versions with the same settings (Everything maxed, 1440p) I use windows 11 weird thing is i havent seen anyone else with the same issue at least not recent, lots of old posts from 2019 about the game pushing 100% cpu for no reason

Ill try the game in a win 10 install a little later to see if win 11 might be the cause