Crab prince quest bug

Im on pc my account name is alfonsolucy i kill the crab prince for the side quest not to even go up its stuck at 1 maybe u could fix my quest because i need to complete all of side quests the one in world 1

Well that’s pretty cryptic. A quest with a crab prince?

The one in world 1 i mean sorry i forgot to put that

Umm… are you sure you’re in the right forum? Since this is Generation Zero forum.

World Zero, dear … Not Generation Zero :wink:

I mean, we could add a crab bot.

And that is not a bad idea at all. I don’t really require new bot types, as the ones we got makes sense. But a fast and creepy crab/spider bot that could climb walls and ceilings could be scaringly cool.

Absolutely, that would be awsome.

Locking thread since this pertains to a different game