Crafting Issue Ammo Can & Adrenaline

Can’t craft either ammo cans and adrenaline shots. Have all schematics in that branch.

Have the materials that come from the plundra, such as grenades or fuel, in your inventory. It doesnt register them when theyre in the Plundra.


Worked like a charm!!! Thanks!

Should be market as a bug to fix imo, cuz it does show items as available in the crafting ui, makes it really confusing

Since other items craft directly out of the storage for materials, it should also craft these items or be considered a bug. Interestingly, the Adrenaline Shot will craft as long as you have the gasoline in your personal inventory. The Tungsten will still pull out of storage like the gasoline should. This is obviously a bug and the Devs would be very kind to fix it. Particularly since it isn’t directly obvious to users why it is happening or how to get around it unless they happen to pull the mats out and try that to discover they can still craft, albeit, with an annoying caveat.

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