Crafting material, anywhere to store them?

So crafting material take up weight in your inventory and I wish to store the material somewhere, but I can’t store them in the storage box at safehouses and I haven’t found a way to store them at crafting stations.
Am I missing something or is it not possible to store them somewhere other than your inventory?

As far as I can see, not possible to store. Which is also why I don’t pick them up at this time, until I get some better schematics that I actually want to craft. :+1::sunglasses:

You can store them in recycling stasion by simply selecting them and pressing E


Sweet, thanks. I’ll try that.

Will they be stored permanently??? Didn’t realize that. :thinking:

Yes (post must by 20 characters long )

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The funny thing is: The recycling station is the place where “store all in category” would make the most sense - and it doesn’t have it…
UI design in GZ seems to lag behind everything else.

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Why it is a recycling station , why would you want to store things that you are planning to use in a recycling station and not in plundra ?

Since every item you drag and drop to recycling station will be instantly recycled into resources. Also, keeping all the resources in Plundra clogs up the Plundra.

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