Crafting Recipes/Ideas

Although quite basic I quite like the crafting system, and with being able to craft most things in the game.

A few ideas I have had and I’m sure a few others have to are-

Backpacks for added carry weight.
Utility belts that could reduce the weight of things like flares or repair kits.
Specific ammo type belts also making that ammo type weigh a little less.
A weapon strap to make your secondary weapon weigh a little less while holstered
(I know a strap would not make a rocket launcher weigh less but we are fighting robots after all lol)

Body armor
Similar to to the companions armor system but for the player, weighing more depending on the material used like flame resistant materials weighing less than let’s say explosive resistant armor and the amount of protection given could also add more weight. Slower hero but more resistant. Also takes damage and breaks so have to craft more.

Companion pack mule
With Some people not being a fan of the pets combat system or just simply not liking pets in games (I think it’s a great addition) , I think a way it could be used instead of combat would be to replace the weapon with a pack mule add on that adds 2-3 backpacks on the pet that just simply adds more carry weight for those scavenger hoarders and without a weapon the pet tries to keep out of combat the best it can anyway lol

Just a couple ideas I thought might make a few Nice additions

It would be great to hear some of your ideas.

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I already use my pet as a pack mule. It can hold 8 remote turrets and I remove 4 when I reaper is at about 25 to 30% health. Then I let my rocket spotter pet, spot the reaper as the salvos of rockets buzz around in a grand finale of the reaper being destroyed. The reaper doesn’t know what to do with all the rockets buzzing around so just doesn’t do anything, but it may try and do its blast thing…That only destroys the pet if I don’t get it packed away soon enough but it a great show to watch.

The pet has enough space then to stow any loot that makes me overweight, and we fast travel back to a recycle center after the second reaper is destroyed. All the weight limits help keep the game more balanced, and players CAN’T go overboard with their greedy looting habits.

Also the player already gets limited on travel and speed when go over the carry limit now, which is unrealistically high as it is now. The reason the runner gets armor is the Sweden runners also have the same armor and it is limited to the 4 classes of runners.

If a backpack and/or armor are added for the player then it should just be part of what the weight limits are now. In other words, a 25 weight unit backpack would take the place of what weight limit is now and the same with any armor add on where you stay at or below the max 96 weight units and your speed and travel abilities stay the same. It would just require more crafting and more time spent at crafting between battles.

Remember, you can already increase weight capacity of player with skills points twice and we just got more weight capacity with the runner. And you already think it just is not enough? Will it ever be enough?


Maybe this and the backpack thing are a topic for the skill revamp. Remove the skills and give us different sizes of backpacks for different weights or specialisations (one for reduced ammo weight, one for reduced equipment weight, one for reduced health-item weight and one for reduced weapon weight.

Oh and don’t forget to reduce the initial carry weight without a backpack (maybe 10kg).

The first one could be found at the first church and give us a carry weight of 30kg.

Then there could be more to be found (by loot or during story missions) with weights of 45kg, 60kg and finally 96kg, each with the above mentioned specialisations…

I think it’d be a good idea to give up it’s weapon in exchange for a carry weight boost. Give it an extra 25 lbs but no guns a feature that’ll work well with the loot module if implemented it’d give a nice synergy. Have it loot while I fight or after depending on if they improve the ai to avoid danger a bit more.

You should deploy a runner with a rocket when dealing with ticks. They are pretty good at wiping out the swarms from APOC and FNIX hunters. One rocket will wipe out a whole bunch of ticks. After the hit you only see little piles of smoking scrap. this is very useful when right after a battle the runner pet starts picking the ticks off and any little lynx or runners that may still be around. I don’t know how many times I am “shopping” in a machine selecting what I want and start hearing a lynx or runner firing at me. No more since my rocket scout is on duty. The pet is also useful for when you are in cover to adjust your weapon load or for me, put remote turrets in a slot ready to deploy.

Need at least a heal command and stay command. Heal to get the scout pet back to the side or behind you and stay to put it in a safe spot but still handy so you have a safe place to duck to.

You can deploy the pet, give it heal, it closely follows you to where you want to hide it, then a stay command to keep it there. Then you are free to attack the machines. After the battle, the heal command and the pet runs to you and then watches for machines as you loot.

The scavenger feature is not selective at all and I found zero use for it. All it collects is trash and after the first battle the little guy is full. Then I have to dump most everything it picks up.

HEAL= come to me and stay very close to me.
STAY= stop and don’t move from the spot the pet stopped at.

But it will still fire at machine in its line of sight. The Spotter will mark machines, so comes in handy when you don’t/can’t look around yourself.