Crafting resources vanishing from inventory after CP assaults

Platform: PC

Description: After completing CP/base assaults, the resources given for completing it may vanish from inventory when fast travelling to another safehouse. Other resources collected from looting are normally retained. For context, this issue occurred probably 4-6 times out of a total of 50+ assaults after the Dark Skies patch had been released. However, so far since Dangerous Experiments has been out, it has happened in 3 out of 5 assaults - after Tveberga, Sillavik and Runby Park. Though I think the actual CPs are probably irrelevant, since Ive retained loot from Runby numerous times. Another weird thing that happened and probably is related to this issue, is that one time after retaining the loot from the assault and trying to drop just ONE of those resources on the ground, it dropped ALL of them instead. As if they were linked somehow. The resources were sitting on the ground and could be looted again though.

Steps To Reproduce: Complete a base assault on a Control Point and once resources have been given, fast travel to another safehouse and check inventory. I am unsure of how often this really occurs, so the rate of reproduction success may vary. However, considering this happened on 3 Control Points in a row today (15th dec 2022) and then 2 where it didn’t, it seems rather frequent thus far.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: Intel Core i7 4790K / nVidia GeForce 2070 8GB / 32GB RAM / SSD; All drivers are always up-to-date

Update: After completing another CP assault today and getting materials and a weapon, I noticed that the materials were “assigned” to that weapon (exp shotgun). Looking back at the video I posted here, that was also the case there, I just didn’t think much of it. See 0:14 in video for reference. So I tried dropping the newly acquired weapon to see what would happen, and that did in fact also drop the resources at the same time. They are clearly linked somehow, even though resources obviously cannot be attached to anything as attachments. Picking them back up did not automatically “reattach” them to anything, as you would expect from actual attachments too, so it is a workaround for now. Considering this, what I suspect is happening, is that the resources are simply deleted since they cannot be stored in a Plundra when putting in the weapon.