Crafting resources

Loving the game at the moment, getting me and the boys through these strange times.

Was wondering are we going to be able to craft more things? Can we upgrade are cloths more then 1%? Is it each time we upgrade it its 1% on top of another 1%? To make 2,3,4,5%?

Thanks :grin:

Good questions, but if remember correctly current blueprints/schematics show 1* icon, so we could make this educated guess that in future there will be more levels.

Stacking bonuses is kind of bad thing, you could really crazy numbers. Better approach is logarithmic scale. So you could never achieve 100%, just 99,9%
This would also come tipping point where resources used vs. gained bonus is something to think about. And limited amount of items or slots where we can use this bonus.

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