Crash at joining multiplayer

it happens on random. On some days the game doesn’t crash and on some days it does. For the past 2 days I can’t join multiplayer not even my friends. This issue has been occurring from the start of launch. I have 70 hours on this game.

My specs are:
8GB Nvidia GPU 1070
core i5 8400
Windows 10

I play on PC and sometimes it’s happening to me as well. There could be a million reasons why the crashes occur, seeing as sometimes we can play for hours, and sometimes in 10 minutes. The devs are most likely looking into this, but it’s taking time getting fixed.

I realise that you are frustrated, but please try not to be aggressive when you post. I’ve had to edit your post, don’t make me do that again.

Please submit a report with this template so the devs can get all the info they need.