Crash Every Few Minutes


It seems like after the August Update my game keeps crashing every five to ten minutes. I’m was just looking at a bag, fighting some runners or sneaking and the game keeps crashing, it’s not playable as it keeps doing this. Windows 7 64Bit.

Can a patch be applied so that I can play the new update without crashing every few minutes and not have to wait a month to get a fix?

I did add the data to the upload bug report and type out what I was doing each time it crashed.


I’ve noticed this as well, especially during fights. It’s been very frequent, sad to say. I’ve sent crash reports each time.


I’ve ran a good 2 hour session now without crashes or lag. I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but I updated my video card drivers and ran a file integrity check on the game on Steam and I haven’t gotten any frequent crashes since.

I mean, now I’m gonna jinx it. But, could be worth trying.


My games crashes when I even load it up it started a week ago and I’ve tried everything to fix it it happened in the middle of me looting I’m on Xbox one


I already updated everything but still crashing. I just wish they can fix it with out having to wait for a month to fix a game I bought and want to play. That all I really want xD


Yep, same here, running the NVidia driver dated 8-27-19 for my GTX 1080 and game crashes randomly after a few minutes of play.

Really wanted to have some fun but it still won’t run darnit.


Well the team’s returning to full strength now at the end of the summer so it’s entirely possible we’ll see more hotfixes if needed. I hope so, at least. You guys should be able to play the game too.


We have been getting random bits of playing for several minutes without a crash, but then might have several crashes only a minute or so in! We send the reports when it lets us, but sometimes goes clear to desktop without the reporter.


Having the same issue on PS4 after August update. Suddenly the game freeze and you have to restart it. And game lag is much more frequent now than before. Sometimes even when you just walk around.


Have’nt crashed yet on my ps4, but my screen goes blue a sec or two pretty often now, never happened before august update.
And everything that was monitoried before august update have been reset, bunkers, beacons, lighthouses, mech killings etc.


I have seen zero hotfixes for a few weeks.


Yep, seems the team’s hard at work pushing for the September update. There’s a thing going on where the game crashes when fighting Tanks, do you think it could be related? There’s a thread for it here, if you’re interested.