Crash Loop and stuck during mission update

I play on PC and I was playing through a mission, if you don’t want spoilers, skip past this next part.

Spoiler-The mission where you send the truck to the FNIX base. I was playing coop and my friend and I just put all the armor plating on and i had told the driver to go.-Spoiler

Then, out of nowhere, my game crashes. This was the first time it had crashed for me on PC so i was a little nervous and i hopped back in and stood in the cave for about 2 seconds. Thats when my game crashed again. I’ve tried verifying game files, Restarted my PC, Reset my graphics drivers, did a clean install of the game. All with zero effect. Please help!

Also for what its worth Im running a Ryzen 5 1600, Rx 570 Armour, 16 GB Ram, Game is installed on an SSD. The Game runs Buttery Smooth at 60 FPS on Medium settings with no frame drops to speak of.

It’s an often reported issue, so you should have been able to read about it, if you would have used the search.

Try to uninstall the dlc, fast-travel somewhere else and stay away from the mission location until the hotfix arrives.

There is nothing else to do at the moment.

Okay thank you. I was kind of in a rush cuz I was planning on streaming today.

Main thread is here.