Crash on game login

On Xbox series x and Xbox on PC

My game crashes when loading the main menu after pressing “a” to login with my account.

There’s nothing wrong with the game install as it work perfectly fine with any other account on the Xbox.

If someone could just completely cleary game data so I can play this amazing game again I would be so grateful. I had 6 days 14 hours and 20 minutes of playtime according to Xbox stats and I would gladly start over from scratch and double it.

I’m positive that wiping my data completely is the only way I’d be able to play again so please let me

Thank you for your consideration


there is no one else but you, who can clear your game data.

First try a reinstallation. Then you could try to relink your Apex Connect Account:

Login there, chose to delete the account, start the game. The game now notices that you started deletion process of the Apex connect account. Select to stop deletion process and continue to the game.

Thanks for the assistance. Using apex account had no actual use but I found how to access my save data on my Xbox and deleted my data for gen z everywhere. Now to test it out. Hopefully it works.

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