Crash on startup after AK scope spawn incident


PC game.

This started a few days ago, uptill then the game was playing alright, besides known bugs. When playing i found a blue AK ai(kalashnikow) in a safehouse just SE of Fiskebäck. I had a green AKai since Before and i was going to take the scope from it and put on the blue one. I dismounted the scope from the green AK, but when i was going to remove the silencer the scope was back. I removed it again and now i had two scopes in the inventory. The scopes kind of spawned on the AK. Then i dropped the green AK and when i then left the inventory it crashed to the desktop at once. After that it started crashing when one selects continue, selects character or joins a multiplayer game. Creating a new character and selecting start also renders a crash. It crashes at directly and to desktop. Is there any crashlogs saved anywere?

I reealy dont want to loose my progress/achivements/stuff.

Actions taken so far is to verify install, updating virusprogram-drivers-ect, clear steam cash, uninstall and reinstall. Running with virus- and firewallprograms off, This have had no effect.

Kind of desperate now so any tips would be nice.

PC specs: Intel Core i7-4790 @ 3,6Ghz, 8gb ram, Win10PROx64, Nvidia GF GTX970

//Best regards - Miniman(Steam/GZ handle:PlesGimmeMony)



Got a theory. When the scope bug incident made the game crash inside the safehouse, i.e the save place. A corrupted save was created, and synced with the cloud. I backed up the save files on the computer, and then cleaned out the characters in the game and started a new one. Now it works, but im back from the begining, not to fun. I tried to paste in the back up, in a long shoot hope that the local copy wasnt corrupted but i guess it was. A small inprovment in that the game actualy starts and the character spawns but crashes after 1-2 seconds to desktop.

Feels like all buggs that can make the game crash inside a safehouse is a priority fix - please take notice of this software devs.

Question. Is there a character editor or somthing back at the developers desk that can fix my backuped, non working, character/save?

/Best regards - miniman