Crash on startup PS4. (27/10/2022)

Hey my friend just redownloaded the game on PS4 and got a screen popup to choose to make a limited apex account or a permanent one. He chose limited and his game instantly crashed, and on reboot it just keeps instantly crashing. Main manu does not even load so its not the issue from a few months prier. So pretty mutch crash on startup

Does he have an old safegame in memory?
He should delete it (maybe backup first on cloud or usb).

When it’s the first time that he got this prompt, but he already played the game, then he probably didn’t play it for at least about 10 month. There were so many changes in this time that his original safegame may be incompatible and causes the crash.

After the startup hopefully worked, he can try to recover the backup and start again. Hopefully it then works. If not, delete it again and start a new game.