Crash right before finishing The Resistance *spoiler*

Platform: PC
Mode: Single player

I had killed all the robots. I just had to talk to Anita again. I went for doing a quick loot sweep among the bodies. On trying to loot my first runner, the game said it “lost multiplayer connection” (although I was not doing co-op) and returned me to the menu! On continuing the game again, I found that the mission had reset and I would have to do it all over again. Of course, all the ammo and grenades I had used are gone.

I just stopped playing the game. GZ, you have lost me.

7700k, 2080ti

PS: Dear devs, other games have auto saves after the last enemy of a mission is killed. Just a thought…

I’d be interested to know whether anyone else had this particular type of “crash”, being sent to the main menu with a “lost multiplayer connection” error message while playing single player.

It’s rare but happens. Don’t forget that single player is where you-client connect to you-host, and it can still screw up.

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Never had this before, though. Ever.