Crash When Opening Inventory

9700K 1660TI 32GB all OC

crash when opening inventory, was fine yesterday but now the game runs around 10 fps and crashes when I open my inventory, verified steam files doing a reinstall currently. reinstall didn’t fix it, only happens with my main character (character 1) have to use a new character because of this. Don’t want to lose my weapons and ammo.

PC Windows 10 Singleplayer and Multiplayer any point doesn’t matter where.

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Its quite frustrating to experience such gamebreaking bugs, so thank you for reporting it.

So just to verify i understood you correctly, the game crashes when switching from another tab (like the map) to the inventory tab in the in-game menu as well as when using the “i” button, keyboard shortcut?

Your quick-items (1-4) is unaffected, you can equip and use the items in the quickslots?

Are you using any mods?

It seems to not allow anything that has to do with the inventory. And yes all my quick equip items work albeit at a nice 6 fps

I am using a mod for zero weight, i never had the issue before with an extreme amount more than what I have.

Just so you’re aware, if you’re using mods that technically means you’ve voided your allowed support if something happens to your game or any saves.

All I can suggest, is to uninstall those mods and try without them.

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already have and i basically just can’t move on top of that.

Since your mod gave you infinite weight, you were able to hoard countless of stuff on your character. Now, with the mod removed, you are bound to the world like any other legit player. Meaning that you have to drop enough stuff from your inventory, so that you’re below the carry limit (seen bottom left corner when in inventory view), if you want to move again.

I cannot open my inventory without the game crashing though.

It doesn’t look like we’ll see any solution to this issue, since it involves modding the game.
As a reminder, under Prohibited Use, the EULA clearly states;

You may not modify any part of the Game, or Clients, Servers etc;

Breaking the EULA voids you of any support for the game. But furthermore, when you mod your game you also accept the risks involved.

Since I don’t think we’ll see a solution for this anytime soon, I’m going to lock this report.


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