Crashed, save corrupted & progress deleted

Platform: PC

I don’t even quite know how to write a proper bug report for this one because I hardly even know what happened. Game crashed, then when I loaded back in it said save corrupted would you like to restore backup? I said to myself, “Thank God they implemented a backup system just in time for my save to corrupt :stuck_out_tongue:” It then said save corrupted, would you like to try saving again? I hit yes thinking it was going to rewrite the backup save to the main save, but when it loaded in all my progress was gone. 20+ hours into a new run. Gone. All it reads is “New Game” at the top of the main menu.

So frustrating and disappointing. Was really loving the game post-patch and this just really killed it for me. Time to wait for the next update again until I do the first 20 hours yet again for the third time.

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