Crashes as soon menu loads

Hi all,

I can need some help. Since yesterday the game crashes as soon as the menu loads. Nothing has changed. Every thing was fine the night before. Funny thing is that abnew friend i met the night before is having the exact same issue now. I already deleted and reinstalled the game but problem still exist.what i did notice in in the second i saw the menu and booted to the blue screen was a new some kind of advertising squar block in the menu? Do more people have this issue? It is on the PS4 by the way.


there is a thread that is talking about this error, since yesterday it is a common error for all playstation users

Didnt saw the topic. Thank you for the link.

Try loading the game with no internet connection. Once in game reconnect.


ho risolto ,spegnere internet,avviare il gioco,e dopo che ha caricato ,quando sei in game ,accendere internet :muscle:t2:

Since there’s already a report thread about this issue, I’ll lock this one.