Crazy idea: Generation Zero Lego set

For the hardcore fans: the ability to make your own Tick, Runner, Hunter, Tank or Harvester.



If it would be possible to buy such Lego sets - I’m all in! :star_struck:

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They might be able to get a deal with COBI, they use the same system as Lego, but unlike Lego, they produce military sets.

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OH, good idea!
Love it.

Never heard of it though…

Since it’s related I’ll link a couple of threads with people’s creations :slight_smile:

Thread 1

Thread 2

I’d love to see some COBI/Lego variants of Generation Zero Machines.
Though I wonder what the licensing costs are :thinking:

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That I cannot answer, sir…
I have no idea about these things…

Thank you for the links!
Appreciated. :slight_smile:

Maybe someone creative enough could try submitting some designs here:

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Does COBI has such a site, you think?

Nope, couldn’t find anything like this on Cobi site.

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Thank you, good sir, much appreciated…

Would be neat if Legos had some sort of simplified Cad Cam software where you could design your own lego creation and submit it to them for custom bricks to build your own . Would probably be pricey with it being a custom job. I read somewhere that if you calculated the price of lego bricks by weight it was almost the equivalent of gold prices.i believe it since I got a buddy who buys all these special edition star wars sets worth thousands of dollars, its insane to me.

Cobi does make a Swedish S-tank:,art,9732.html

Or, if you want the high end pure Lego, there is Brickmania’s (currently out of stock):

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