Create Your Own NPC. No one suggested a Runner Dog!

How come no one suggested a dog as a companion character???
I mean it’s 1) obvious as you already have the model and 2) its the easiest thing to code:

freindly_01: follow {player}
if {player}_run>freindly_01=run
if {player}_crouch>freindly_01=crouch
if {player}_shoot… well you get the idea.

See, that CSE in BBC basic comes in useful occasionally!!

Seriously, I know it’s a bit of a trope but surely the coding is in there somewhere.

The competition was just for fun.
Well, could have been an option to make a machine npc…

But that’s all. And it’s over.
Maybe you could change your topic to make a feature request. Otherwise this will probably be closed soon.

I’ve been away for 6 months so have misssed what I can see are a fair few genuine improvements.
Ironically I’m more invested now than I ever have been. Check my review :frowning:
It’s baffling no one thought about it back when the thread was open.

Sorry didnt appreciate the last bit. Are you suggesting actually putting it through as an iea?? Surely theyve got more than enough to be getting on with.

Yes, that’s what I suggested.
And sure, there is much to do, but this forum and the section for feature requests are there to make feature requests.

On the other hand: there already are such requests.

Done. Nice one mate.

Someone suggested that 3 years ago…
Nobody liked it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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A “dog” ? :thinking: Too much Fallout 4…

At least for me but as always ymmv… :man_shrugging:

I guess with “dog” he meant “runner”.

Or would anyone wonder, if I’d propose to include friendly “toasters”? :wink:

But as @NJR87 already said: there is no need for npc companions. It’s about the team, we are (4 teenagers…).

Oh, got it. It’s not about the solo experience. Shame they didn’t invest more effort into the ‘team’ aspect.