Crossbow/bow addition

While doing the community survey i came across this idea. In my opinion I would really like to see something like this. I would really love to see it have an explosive arrowhead. Give me your thoughts community.
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Not being sarcastic or mean, just speaking from experience.

Have you ever used a crossbow? Are you aware of what, and how long it takes to load one?

If offered one in GZ, I’d say “I’m good, I’ll just run away”.


some of us have been asking for a bow since the beginning. Even Graham has said many times that he would like to see it added.
and as said before, regular arrows may not do much good against the machines but if we could craft trick arrows with fireworks, emp, grenades, etc, those would be useful.


Only reason I can find to add a bow weapon is if stealth becomes more of a thing than it currently is, then it could be an interesting addition.


My hobby is archery and I also have a Crossbow.
It is true that the Crossbow takes a lot longer to reload but you have the advantage that you can aim much more precisely because the energy is stored in the Crossbow and not in your muscles.
It would be much easyer to implement due to the fact that it could behave almost like a rifle.

In RL there are different loading mechanisms for Crossbows. Mine is a weaker one (140 lbs) so I can draw the string back with my hands. Thats rather fast to reload.
Than there are stronger Crossbows with a lever mechanism. That takes a bit longer.
And the strongest ones have a rope winch system. They take quite a while to reload.

I also see the only point of those weapons in the game as a part of a stealth gameplay. The current stealth gameplay in the game is not realy existing though. You can do a few shots with a supressed weapon and the machines know where you are anyways.

We also have to ignore the RL if we look at the fire power. The arrow itself is useless against machines. Therefore it has to carry explosives to deal damage. In RL that load could not be much. But to do a significant amount of damage to machines (Not like the HEDP rounds of the Rocket launcher) we have to ignore the RL. Otherwise its not worth blocking one of our weapons slots and probably not worth the weight. The reloading mechanism in RL should also be partly ignored. They should have a rather low bullet drop like from a strong Crossbow but with fast reloading animation. In BF3 for example the soldier can pull back the string with only two fingers. That’s not realistic but its rather easy to program and it would not require us to be stationary for X seconds.

I would like to see Crossbows and or Bows with:
Explosive tips (like in Rambo 3 or in Battlefield 3)
Thermit tips (a chemical reaction that produces heat and liquid iron with 2500°C that slowly melt through machine components)
Flare tips (they work like sticky flares just shot at longer range and more accurat)
Lure tips (they would have a small speaker to attract machines nearby)

I’m not being snarky or cruel; I’m only speaking from personal experience.

Have you ever attempted to use a crossbow? Are you aware of what it takes to load one and how long it takes?

“I’m okay, I’ll simply go away,” I’d say if offered one in GZ.
Since the beginning, some of us have been requesting a bow. Graham has stated on several occasions that he would like to see it added.
Regular arrows may not be effective against the machines, but trick arrows with pyrotechnics, emp, grenades, and other explosives would be beneficial.

Uh… CarlG with already implemented munitions set (craftables included) ?

I’m not trying to be sarcastic or harsh; I’m just sharing my own experience.

Have you ever tried shooting a crossbow? Are you aware of the time and effort required to load one?

If offered one in GZ, I’d respond, “I’m OK, I’ll just walk away.”
Some of us have been asking a bow since the beginning. Graham has said that he would want to see it included on many occasions.
Trick arrows containing fireworks, emp, grenades, and other explosives might be useful against the machines.