Cursor fix on PC

Please please make the cursor be fixed to the middle of the screen while playing so you dont have to look for the mouse every time you loot/ open inventory.


That would be a first step. Dedicated keys for take and take-all would be even more important. Has been requested multiple times. Also looting items on single click would be great.

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Yeah, finding the cursor when it’s snowing is very, very hard :flushed: …but as many things in this game - I got used to it :wink:

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Best thing I did awhile back is: I bound my mouses scrollclick to “enter”, which is the “loot all” hardcoded key, in my mouses software and then removed “enter” as open chat in the ingame keybindings to keep from opening the chat at odd times…

It works wonders and saves my eyes and shoulder lots of work trying to find the cursor and quickly loot! =) I’m sure most people playing can do the same through their software or a 3d party app until devs implement a way to change the hardcoded loot all function ingame.

I very often don’t take all anymore. Imagine you could navigate with WASD and use the Space bar to pick up individual items. :smiley:

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