Custom key bindings problem


Platform: PC

Description: As a non-WASD-user it’s would be good if the key your trying to bind would release the current bind if already bound. It would also be great of the movement keys translates to vehicles. Now it’s forcing me to use WASD while on a bike, and then back to my custom keys when on foot. But that’s not my bug report :slight_smile: I use E to strafe right, and while scoping in (for me, pressing A) I can’t strafe right. Strafing left (for me, pressing W) while scoping works. If I bind strafe right to another key (Å), I can strafe right while scoping.

Steps To Reproduce: Bind strafe right = E, bind ADS (hold) = A.

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Host or Client: I connected to a friends game.

Players in your game: Two.

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What’s your KB make and model? Since it sounds like your KB doesn’t register when you hold both the E key and A key at the same time.


I have a Vortex POK3R RGB. But since this feature works in all other games I’m playing I can rule out the option that my KB is faulty.


It has nothing to with his keyboard make. facepalm

I’m a ASEF player, and hence I cant move forward while scoping (pressing the e key…hmm coincidence… lol). Btw I scope on alt mouse (right mouse), so this has nothing to do with keyboard type or manufacturer. Just to say it again, not the keyboard type or manufacturer.

Its “just” that their key customization code is in shambles.

They’ll fixit… some day. (Vehicle custom keybinds hasnt been fixed for well over a year…)


It has to do with make and model if there is a rollover issue. That’s why i asked the make and model.

I have high-end KB with n-key rollover and i have no issue, what-so-ever, pressing down several keys at once and them registering in the game as well. And even the very same keys described here, in this topic.

I’d say some KBs used doesn’t have n-key rollover, instead they have multi-key rollover, producing this issue.


Ofc you say that Aesyle, but as usual you are letting your mouth go off before you try things out.

Did you try to rebind something like move forward or strafe to the E key and then scope in and use it?

Maybe you should before writing posts like these. You’re a moderator after all.


It’s easy to blame the game for everything. But acknowledging that perhaps your hardware could be the issue, is hard pill for people to swallow.

Has OP tried with different make and model KB, to rule out KB issue? No, he/she has not. So, how could you rule out KB without ever testing it?

All i did, was trying to help OP by presenting other, possible reason, which OP might have not thought of. Ruling out all hardware, without ever testing it and thinking all hardware is perfect, is naive thinking.

I’ve said it to you before and i’ll say it again (maybe this time, it sticks): Me being a moderator has nothing to do with how or why i reply in the forums as another player of Generation Zero.


As I wrote in my post, I have the same issue (if you bothered to read it), and for me it is not a rollover issue since I’m using the mouse to scope, hence only one button is involved, as I wrote in my previous post, if you bothered to read it (which I mean, could be a good thing for posts to actually make any sense to you).

Hence, I did test it, as i wrote in my provious post, if you bothered to read it, which could be good to understand peoples reasoningg in the other posts you chose to read.

And all I did was correct you, and like always this blows up out of proportion.

You know with great power comes increased responsibility.


No, what you did was disrupting the forums with needless toxicity. You don’t have to like @Aesyle, but the moment you refuse to adhere to the Code of Conduct and make your personal attitude problems bleed into the forums (in this particular case, a bug report) you’re out of line.

Which would not be the first time, so here’s a reminder.

Play nice
Respect is the name of the game. You must respect your fellow members. Please refrain from inflammatory and defamatory comments as well as flaming, taunting, harassing, threatening, embarrassing, and general disrespect. Do not simply put down the opinion or advice given by others. If you don’t agree with it, say why - respectfully. Don’t just tell them they’re wrong. Do not make uninvited remarks about typos, duplicate posts, posting styles, etc.

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