D3D error crashes persist even after uninstalling old drivers

Platform: PC

Description: The game cuts abruptly to a black screen, and crashes with a “Fatal D3D error” message, usually either “DEVICE_RESET” or “the graphics card sent a badly-formed command”. I have seen other threads on here about this issue, which all recommended uninstalling old drivers using DDU, but I have done this to seemingly no effect. It has also persisted between and i3 and i7 processor, so CPU bottlenecking is not the issue either. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Steps To Reproduce: The crashes happen seemingly at random, regardless of what’s happening in-game or location; having background processes running on my PC seems to make them happen faster, but I don’t know that for sure.

Images / Videos: image

Host or Client: Hosting

Players in your game: Single-player

Specifications: GTX 970, Intel i7 6700k, 8GB RAM. Playing with mostly medium display settings, nothing that ever makes the game chug.