Daily Assignment: Complete 7 Base Assault Missions,,, Simple ?!

Have at Least 6 or 7 on the map already, Backup your game save on a USB drive, Destroy The 6 or 7, depending if you want the credit for the 7 or not, reboot your USB save, and you got everything back :smiley: , Generation Zero is funnie like that

But you also lose any loot or credits when destroying those 7 bases and reload the save file.

Aren’t the resistance points saved at the avalanche apex connect account?

IDK, but a save file is a snapshot of all stats at the time of the save. Credits, points, weapons, ammo and supplies all fall back to that time. Whatever weapons you had or didn’t have are reset. Same with things on the map. Everything that was or was not on the map is restored. Thats why the bases are restored.

but it is a nice way to play solo to do missions explore. Do a back up save and play co-op then. Players and host can do just about anything from destroying all rivals, bases and so on. When you are done with co-op, load the back up, and you are back at the same spot you were at, nearest safe house, when you stopped.

EDIT: But this could be considered an exploit of the game if used for evil. So will hold off till a MOD can comment to continue with topic.

if I did this without backup USB save, I would be forced to play the game for ENTIRE day just to spawn 7 assault missions in a 24 hour period, AND next week SAME thing, and the week after, and the week after, this assignment pops up on there at LEAST 1 time a week, and requires it completed in 24 hours ??? !