Daily assignment FMTEL Station: EMP

It’s throwing, I just discovered.

Wanted to use it on this one, because I can’t think of any other way - or is there…

Are you sure you have a car battery in your hands? As far as I know you can just throw small and medium emp, but large emp and car batterie emp can just be placed.

These fnix command centers just can be destroyed by interacting with the shield generators (the small ones with the red beams), then destroying them and after the last one the shield is broken. Then you may attack the command center, which has a health bar in the upper left of the screen. If it suffers enough damage it calls in airstrikes, runner or hunter support. Then it is invulnerable again for some seconds.

Think it’s a medium one, which I can throw - indeed.

But this is the only location were the shield generators can’t be accessed/destroyed.
The shield continuously is activated. More guys are having issues with this.

Harold, have you tried a restart of the game?

Hi Gysbert, between the first time I visited this location and the last, I started the game several times.

Do you have succes with this destroying things on this location?

I have never that sort of problems with the shield generators in general. However, at Sjöglimten control point I built a base the minute we got control points in the Farmlands, so I can’t say if I would have success with destroying the shield generators there or not. :coffee:

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Mission impossible to destroy this?

What’s the mission?
Doing a base assault?
You could have more than just one…

It’s this location, a bit strange - it’s the only one that can’t be destroyed.
Not really a mission.


Yes, bug of the new bases introduction mission… But that has nothing to do with the FMTEL-Station assignments, doesn’t it?

I don’t know - but I got a few observation notes now (observing this object).

Wasn’t fast enough to read it, so where can I find these notes? Already searched Collectables.

But… actually it had to do with an assignment, because finally I was able to destroy these things.

Created a base too.

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Even did a base assault with a melee weapon - that was very hard!
Also had to build parts of my base :expressionless: