Daily Assignment (Hard) - Destroy a Tank

“Destroy a Tank with assault riffle” - Don’t know if I would call it a hard assignment, but today it was.
For a change I’m using the AG5 and taking down tanks with it don’t complete the daily assignment.
Switched to AG4, done.

Did you use experimental ammo or a certain augmentation on your weapons?

Maybe they affected the result.

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Normal AP rounds with the penetration thingy on first agumentation and extended mag on the other.
Think it may be 1st time ever I used any AG5 at all for the Destroy a Tank dailys.

AG4 used was the exprimental.

make sure your companion doesn’t accidentally shoot the final bullet

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I never had luck with my experimental AG4.
It may occure, that the fire damage of the gun destroys the target. In that case it doesn’t count as destroyed with the gun.

Same can happen while using experimental ammo.

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Started running without the companion lately. but never almost never had problem with final bullet.
Most because I feel like it does too much stupid stuff. Like healing you is it’s secondary goal when you do a base assult and act as the dumbass it is, runs a kilometer away and starts attacking a tank. And then, like a stupid cur, come howling back with a tank in the middle of the assult. For just giving one example of them all.

Odd, always been using the Exprimental AG4 for missions without any flaws.