Damage category (bullet, impact etc.)


As the crafting system will soon be developed further (I guess), I just wanted to make sure I got my sh*t straight. I don’t know if the damage system has ever been studied by anyone, if anyone has and stumbles upon this topic, please feel free to correct me if I got something wrong:

Bullet damage:

  • Runners’ Submachine gun, shotgun
  • Hunters’ Machine gun
  • Tanks’ Machine gun
  • Apocalypse Tanks’ Incendiary Machine Gun

Impact damage:

  • Ticks’ laceration jump
  • Hunters’ Pneumatic Blade attack
  • Tanks’ stomp
  • Tanks’ Concussion pulse
  • Runners’ Concussion pulse
  • Harvesters’ Concussion pulse
  • Military Hunters’ Concussion Rifle
  • Exploding compressed air tanks / cans

Explosion damage

  • Tanks’ rockets and mortar
  • Harvesters’ rockets
  • FNIX Runners’ rockets
  • FNIX Hunters’ Explosive Flechettes
  • FNIX Ticks’ Explosive Jump
  • Apocalypse Hunters’ Cluster Grenade Launcher
  • Apocalypse Tanks’ Anti-personal Cluster Mine Launcher
  • Exploding fuel tanks / cans
  • Exploding cars

Fire damage

  • Apocalypse Hunters’ Flame Thrower
  • Apocalypse Tanks’ Wall of Flame
  • Apocalypse Tanks’ Incendiary Machine Gun
  • Burning environment (battle tanks, buildings)

Gas damage

  • Military Hunters’ Gas Mortar
  • FNIX Harvesters’ and FNIX Tanks’ Gas Release
  • Poison Gas tanks
  • Environmental gas (usually seen in bunkers / military facilities)

Poison damage

  • Apocalypse Ticks’ Neurotoxic Melee Attack
  • Apocalypse Runners’ Contaminated Submachine Gun
  • Apocalypse Hunters’ Radiated Blade

Tell me what needs to be added / corrected ! This list will be updated

Huge thanks to @Aesyle for her contributions

Fire also shows up environmentally. I think it’s damaging there as well. So that may be when it works.

Few corrections/additions:

  • FNIX hunter Explosive Flechette is explosive damage since it blows up after a short while.
  • Apo hunter Cluster Grenade Launcher is explosive damage.
  • Apo tank Wall of Fire is fire damage.
  • Apo tank Incendiary Machine Gun is both bullet and fire damage.
  • Apo tank Anti-personal Cluster Mine Launcher is explosive damage.
  • Military hunter Concussion Rifle is impact damage.
  • Placeable white compressed air can is impact damage.

What i’m unsure of, is Linear Accelerator, found on one military tank and on one FNIX tank. I never got hit with one but what i’ve seen, it seems to be impact damage.

New group addition: Gas / Poison

  • Military hunter Gas Mortar is gas damage.
  • FNIX harv and FNIX tank also release gas when in close proximity.
  • Apo tick Neurotoxic Melee Attack is poison damage.
  • Apo runner Contaminated Submachine Gun is poison and bullet damage.
  • Apo hunter Radiated Blade is poison and impact damage.
  • Placeable yellow gas can is gas damage (and could be impact damage as well).
  • Environmental gas (leaking gas cans) is gas damage.
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Awesome additions, plus the real name of the weapons are a big plus. I will edit my original post, thanks a lot man
I originally didn’t add the gas damage as it seemed obvious, but from what I understand there is a difference between gas and poison damage? Or is it just an inconsistency in your post (which I doubt)? I will add the gas damage either way

Gas damage is always an AoE effect. The poison damage sources are direct damage. I suspect they ignore gas damage mitigation.

It would make sense if poison mitigation resisted gas, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it does not.

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Main difference is while gas is area of effect, as said by @Starke already, poison damage is continuous with limited duration and cured/stopped when healing yourself.

As far as if game includes poison to same category as gas is, that i haven’t tested. For now, we have skills to reduce: gas damage (Chemist skill) and bullet, explosive and gas damage (Armor skill). Clothing bonuses to reduce: bullet, fire, explosive and fall (impact) damage. And specialization which reduces all damage taken by 25% (Vanguard).

Some time ago, there was bug in game where when you had Chemist skill (10% gas resistance) + Vanguard specialization - you were completely immune to all and any forms of gas. Sadly, the bug was fixed when Alpine Unrest DLC came and i wasn’t able to test if that also made me immune to the poison damage of apocalypse machines.

Btw, i’m not a man, i’m female. :wink:


I’m dumb, I actually made this thread because I noticed the Gas Mask didn’t mitigate the apocalypse bots attacks lol

So sorry about it, I use “man” as a generic term, I shouldn’t.

Anyway, thanks again for all of this, I’ll might even make a wiki page for this

Gas mask as such, doesn’t make you immune to gas. It only reduces the damage taken per second. E.g if without gas mask it is 2 HP/sec health loss, then with gas mask it’s 1 HP/sec health loss.

Flamethrower in bullet damage category? :astonished: No matter how i look at it, i can’t fathom burning gas/fluid being solid enough to count as a bullet.

Apo tank Incendiary Machine Gun has the same ability as Experimental AG4 has. They both shoot incendiary rounds but i have yet to see any poison damage i could possibly do to machines when using my Exp AG4 against them. :roll_eyes: Then again, if poison is corrosive enough, it could damage the metal parts of the machines.

Btw, there is another damage category, introduced into the game with March update: Plasma.

At current moment there is only one item that deals that kind of damage:

Spoiler alert

And that is Experimental KVM 59 with it’s special ability of chain-lightning. And lightning is plasma.
Also, if you stand too close to the machine(s) you’re shooting at, lightning strikes back at you and you can die from it.

Yea yea I knew about that, it’s just that I asked if poison and gas damage were any different but what prompted me to create this thread was because I noticed poison and gas damage were different lol

My bad, I misread your inital post

Add a bit of gallium in your bullets and it’ll make the strongest metal brittle :stuck_out_tongue: but yea I’ll correct that. Btw, how do you know it has the same specific characteristic ability as the exp AG4?

Oh, that’s easy. Just be :crazy_face: like me and stand in front of the Apo tank without moving and while it’s shooting it’s machine gun at you. :grin: