Damage not saved / killed Robots comes back

I understand the Promotion, that I can finish my job and the Robots will go their way through the map until, I kill them. But I destroyed a lot of Robots feld again and again.

One of the tanks at the Airpot on the western side is coming back, with the Dogs, and also the „First“ Tank i damaged several times, but when I play again (after closing and reloading the game) he got his full HP.

I played most of the time in singleplayer and „clean“ my way through the map. Hope I get every robot on the map. But if they are coming back. I don’t need to concentrate on the Robots…

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This is one of my gripes… If I kill off an area they should stay killed and not respwan. I get if they wonder in but the deff respawn and not just wondering around please let us kill bits and stay killed


Remember, this is a GAME, not a SIM.
If they were to stay dead… the game would be done before even the end…

Not to mention all the stuff you would not be able to get?

Firstly, the robots rebuild themselves after a while and comes back but is damaged. Sometimes this seem to glitch a bit (in particular towards the end missions). However, also remember that the robots roam around and it might not actually be the same robot. You can check it with your binos if you have the intelligence perk. The ID shows up when you spot him.

Have the same issue. I spawned in the train tunnel safe house many times and there are always a couple of hunters, four or five ticks, and a few runners outside. If I want to do anything besides run for the tunnel exit I have to spend time and ammo taking them out.

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Bots after time respawn.
Working as intended.
After game exit and restart, bots reset.
Works as intended!

If we keep them dead, basically, halfway the game you will be out of machines.
This is NOT!!! a SIM, but a GAME.

Works… indeed… as intended…

Nah, dude - you missed what I said earlier - they should have a factory (or factories) which creates them and they then spread out from the factory, gradually repopulating, holding bridges, guarding crossroads, etc. Exactly as an invading force has to. If it’s just a “game” then you shouldn’t have made it so realistic. It is perfect, and this is literally my only disappointment. Respawning enemies is shoot’emup stuff and has to go! :smiley:

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OH, I get it now.

It would create a new issue: the closer you get to the factory, the more machines you will see.
Further away then, near the edges, there will be no machines.

The spread should be somewhat equalized.

Maybe have helicopters or planes drop them from the sky?

Yes, that’s it! When you clear an area, which the game starts at the periphery, that area is clear and if there is nothing of interest probably stays clear - the invasion has just taken place - the enemy (I am guessing - I haven’t got far enough into the game to know anything except mysteries!!) starts off everywhere, gradually concentrating on areas of interest, and effectively “held areas”, wirth possibly patrols going out from those areas. If, as you have suggested before release, the idea is to fight a guerilla war, then there is a tension between the two sides - the guerilla moves tactically, achieving his aims as best he can.

But machines should be establishing manufacturing facilities, possibly amassing cars as raw materials, which would suggest that they tend to be situated in towns, and spreading out as they go, so in principle movement would start to get more difficult as more robots came out from the factories. If you destroy a factory (possibly by setting fire to it) you restrict the flow, but the machines become more careful with their other factories. Night becomes the only time you can carry out the big raids (as you know it is in reality!)

Yes, why not two things: flying machines dropping machines, and bigger “repair” machines which pick up the destroyed parts and re-manufacture…

Apart from anything else, it would give the game a campaign facility after the game has been “finished”.

The thing is, the game is so spectacular, that this strange “shoot’emup” element, just doesn’t go with it…


In game, you might stumble over 2 tanks close together.
A factory making these, would have a few hundred packed together.
How would you manage to get even close?

And then I am not speaking of probably several hundred Hunters and a few thousand dogs…

From a tactical point of view, those instances should be extremely overpopulated.

Oh, proper Para you are, aren’t you? Stacks of smoke and straight up the middle, isn’t it? :smile:

I’m a marine, we sneak about round the sides. Frankly, I’d wait for a thunderstorm in the middle of the night, just like we really would!

And again, Tanks (I’ve never seen one yet) are expensive to make - you can’t do it out of thin air - it’d take amassing 50 cars to make a couple of them, wouldn’t it? And when you’d make one, it’d be off to find its patrol area, not hanging about… So you can control the amount of tanks in any one place, and also, it gives us the chance to properly ambush them for a change…

Tell you what i haven’t seen - smoke grenades! They would be around, and I could use them…

Well, I was not quite the type to be a complete idiot, as soldier. :stuck_out_tongue:
As for creating tanks: oh yes, they do use a lump or two in metal, I agree.
But we have to assume that materials are not even remotely a problem here (as it is a game).

On a different note: you basically told me I am an idiot as soldier, with my smoke grenades and all that…
And then you tell me… you could use these smoke grenades? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I said you were a Para! :smile: I’m a Marine, we do that! No opportunity missed… :sunglasses:

I think the game is so realistic, that it should keep doing it…

I don’t need smoke to attack, I need smoke to bug out when I’ve taken on what I think is a couple of machines, and it turns out there are ten of them with clear idea about outflanking movements…!

Kill or be killed.
No surrender, no retreat!


Sneak around the side, play dirty, sneaky, underhand, give them no chance, run away as many times as you need to, to come up from another direction, lose no one, never be killed. Win. That’s Marines :skull_and_crossbones:

Not sure how far you are into the main story missions but… Well, I shan’t spoil the details. But the Machines do come from somewhere. And it’s implied that it’s not just on the island :sunglasses:

Okay, I’ll go and find out. I already found two lots of containers on the beach with machine plans inside and one of them was still full of machines… Dun, dun, dun, dah!

You guy’s gave me an idea reading your post’s :+1: >> a vehicle base like a sub-‘marine’ with certain area location’s to dock close by shore , then to get off base we can then use a slingshot ‘para’ -glider back to shore until we glide no more :fire::beers:

I’m fine with bots respawning on game restart / reset for the most part. That’s the way the game is intended to be played.

The only part that irks me is bots spawning at / in / around safe houses. Once we’ve cleared those, they should remain “safe” as the name implies.

Ermm yep crunchy i think if you read the post’s and then my post , the penny may drop , it was more of a funny than the actual idea stated , . :+1: