Damage strength indicator and .270WIN vs .50BMG

I found (thanks hotfix!) a gold Algstudsare .270WIN and stats brief/bars shows it does 15 damage (the max), so is there even a point to getting a PVG/.50BMG, unless it somehow does more than 15/max or are those indicators just indicative rather than anything specific?

I mean a .270 should be delivering about ~4,000J, while the .50 should be laying down something like 20,000J, so is the rating just a quirk of the UI display for the stats or are they actually the same damage

Given that .50BMG only stacks to 40 while .270 stacks to 120 I’d hope that the damage output per stack is comparable (~3x damage per shot). I’d go test this but unfortunately I haven’t managed to find a PVG of any kind in game just yet.

The .50cal is made by Airsoft®… I have a 5 crown (gold) .50 cal and a 4 crown (purple) Algstudsare .270 and I found a shit load of hunters to fight. Luckily I worked myself into an excellent sniper position and had at them. Two shots with .270SP into the Hunter’s eye finished 3 out of 4. The 4th took 3 shots. Same sniper spot, same type hunters, same target (eye)… 3 hunters with the .50AP… took 4 shots each.

This should be embarrassing to the devs. Seriously?! A damned .270 out-damages a .50? In what fucking world does THAT make sense?

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The only advantages of the .50 BMG is the high magazine capacity when you have a gold extended mag (18 rounds) and its ridiculously long range where you can 1-shot relay beacons from several hundred meters without having to take on the machines guarding it.

Damage-wise, it’s actually kind of pathetic for what it is. I think the .270 seems to dole out more damage. I can’t 100% confirm this, but just from observation, it certainly seems that way.

That said, I’m basing that on a 4-star .50 cal with gold attachments. I haven’t found the 5-star version yet. My opinion may change when I do, but since my friends who play with me already have it, I don’t think it will.

I finally found a Purple/4* PVG right at the end of last night (two 4*'s even, in two of the big mil-boxes right next to each other at the Muskudden southern entrance) so I’ll be able to test this next session.

I had a Purple/4* extended mag which gave it a 17 round capacity so that’s pretty good considering the .270/Alg was hard stuck at 4 rounds. I’m guessing the muzzle brake means built in compensator so no options there?

this is defnitely true. the 50cal should get at least double the damage it has now, maybe even triple. In return, give it a smaller magazine size, longer reload, more recoil maybe. This gun is pretty rare and ammo rarely drops, it also takes up a lot of space. It should be able to kill a tank within it’s stack of 40 ammo at least, which it currently doesnt really do.