Dangerous Christmas Event

Has anyone discovered the big secret yet? Personally I believe it’s that the machines are far more aggressive than ever before. Also is the Christmas event live? My buddy just got a pair of high heels lmao.

Machines are still as they were before, tbh i dont think there was a secret in this update. And Yes, the Christmas event appears to be live now.

Pontus said on stream there was a “big secret” so I’m convinced there’s something. The high heels are groovy though

Wait, the Christmas Event is live?! Awesome! I also got right now the High Heels.

I didn’t see a news about that.
How long will be online?

Because it was never announced, people have just started finding Fancy Set Apparel. Its unknown how long itll run.

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I killed a lot of Rivals and I got most of the Fancy Set.

Here’s the dropping rate:

Pants-Rival Runner
Blouse-Rival Hunter
High Heels-Rival Harvester
Fancy Updo-Tanks

It’s nice to see a Holiday Event.

Sure that the pants just drop from rival runners?
They are pretty rare, as they just might spawn as personal rivals if they kill players.

All apparel items drop from all rivals, they arent limited to a certain machine the Halloween Apparel was.


But just from rivals is sure?

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Yes, this was the deal with it the first time round as well.

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does anyone know if the cloths are returning for this event, they said something about snowballs