Dark Skies Update - Bug Fixes check

Let’s see what should has been fixed.
Does it work now or is it still an issue?

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Hahaha yes, seems to be fixed but it also seems to have “broken” aiming for some people.
Had to heavily readjust the aiming sensitivity to get the aiming feeling like before the upgrade…
Needs further testing and adjustment though.

Edited this point.
Improved yes, but because there are different input devices it may not fit every taste and everyones habits.

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Fixed for gamepad, broken for mouse unfortunately.

Ok, I took yesterday’s evening and gave it another (prolongued) run, switched on “Proportional aim sensitivity”, tuned aim sensitivity back from 25% to 50% and…

it works ! At least for me. Aiming felt like before the update and was smooth as butter, no jittering or stuttering. So for me it works perfect again, ymmv.

Oh and what I noticed during that test run, no more zooming out when coming over any interaction zone ! YAY !! For me one of best things in this update even though it’s not listed under fixed things.

Many thanks to the dev team for fixing that, too ! :pray: :pray: :pray:

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Oh yes. I noticed this, too, and I agree.

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I am playing on PC-Steam using Keyboard & Mouse. I can not find “Proportional aim sensitivity” turn off or on in settings. Where can I find this setting? I do have “Aim Sensitivity” slide scale in %.

Its in Settings - Game

Thank you very much. I was looking under “keyboard & mouse” instead of “GAME”

Game is crash way to often and no single reason can be pin pointed. I play on PC and NEVER has it crash so much in the 2.5 years of owning the game. Single, co-op, doesn’t matter. Just crashes. It is way past annoying and the more it happens the less I want to start the game again. I don’t get ammo back, don’t get resources back and the other night a reaper that was down to 26% jumped back up to 83% when started my game back up. But none of my health kits or ammo came back.

I can’t agree that it’s as much that it’s getting annoying. When we had the great problems with too many fnix bases it was annoying.
A short summary of my this weeks crashing (daily played):

Wednesday: 2 players, crashed during a battle north of ringfort, when I destroyed a harvester, that my friend (host) didn’t have on his screen.

Friday: 3 players, crashed in the moment of finishing a base assault next to stora dyrbo (awarded ressources where still there, but the base returned and another one, which spawned right after finnishing too, was still there too. Don’t know what exactly will be saved and what not)

In sum these are still the most causes for crashes. Either something is going wrong next to ringfort, or it crashes after a base assault.

Do reapers regain some health if player leaves battle? Or do you think it’s a matter of what and when the game saves?

I think it is when the game saves and then crashes but doesn’t explain why the reaper got back 83% of health, near the beginning of the attack, and I am down more than 60 rounds of FMJ .50 rounds. That much lose would have been when the reaper was at the 26% level. If it got health back, I would think I also would get my resources back.

The crashing is happening all over the map. Farmlands, Marshlands, or any regions, it just crashes. But since I have been using the motorbike (DLC) to get to battles, it could be a suspect. But it crashes on or off the bike. Last night, co-op, I the host, another player rode up to a reaper on a bike, both were parked in a barn and just as I saw both bikes, game crashed.

Screen froze, hit escape and return to Win desktop with the game crash “logo”. Say logo due to the last thing you see when there is a forced exit from the game.