Sounds like we indeed will have to watch out for a new threat from above…

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Yeah, we weren’t really sure… were we? :rofl:

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All will be made clear, soon. Better start hoarding Adrenaline Shots.


New update got announced. Go and check the social media posts.
We don’t have any news about it, but I’m sure it will be awesome!
Also, is the “Dark Skies” name refers to a big new flying machine?
What do you think about this update? You can also share here feature requests and bugs you want to be fixed.

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Merged, since discussion thread already exists.


We have to prepare for new bugs and crashes…but if we get a new flying enemy it will be worth it a few months later.

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Yours truly is working hard to highlight any issues for the upcoming update. And the devs seem to take my reporting very seriously, so… There’s hope :wink:


Nice one Zesiir, any issues - I’ll hold you personally accountable.


Interesting I hope this is a curve ball of a machine, we need to be tested, and it’s fun :joy:

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Yep, Motorcycles are definitely coming.

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…and I quote @GenerationZero reaction
“We’re sure there’s a complete set of the GZ Lore somewhere.”

Old or new, that’s the question! :+1:


The second news about the update within a few days. The release looks pretty soon. At least the announcement of the release date could probably come this week. At least, I hope.

I prefer them releasing it later if they know it has bugs that need fixing. Get those fixed FIRST, then release it.


Of course, that would be the best way.

But even if they stop working on, take a break and just test everything on every system (which I don’t even know if it’s possible under real conditions for the consoles), there could still be some new bugs left.

If they aren’t critical on first look and aren’t as fast to solve, the devs won’t stop the process. It’s not their descition. They just can bring up arguments.

Sigh…It started so good.


What do you think?
Guessing that there will be a greater flying soviet machine with Dark Skies Update, how do we and FNIX fight them?

  • Will we be forced to use what we’ve already got?
  • Will we get some new weapon with AA-target locking? Fire and forget or guided missiles?
  • Will the swedish machines get new armament or new abilities to fight airborne targets? Or will they just use their existing weapons?

Imagine a tank or harvester firing a missile salvo at a flying machine, but missing it. How far will the missiles fly?
Or what about runners with shotguns / hunters with exp shotgun? Will they be able to hit a flying machine due to its flying height? If not, will they still target and shoot at them?

Will the soviet flying machine always be flying or will it be a hybrid machine which is able to land and act as a walker, too? Or will it just try to land if its components took too much damage?

Many questions, but I’m just excited. :wink:


Looking at the design it should also be able to walk… like this fella over here :wink:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Almost looks like they stole the design by 90%.
The remaining 10% are just to make it look like a soviet machine.