Dawn of the Dead but in Generation Zero

I hadn’t really looked around Björntunet for a while and I ran into this NPC and thought I had found a zombie. :joy:
Honestly Avalanche, you got to get hold of a 3D scanner so you can do something about your NPC models. Or even to find a way to import DAZ models into the game engine. Then you can at least do it for free :wink:

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Well that’s a bit rude, poor Barbro here is just a bit sleep deprived, you would be too if there was a machine invasion!


There’s no peroxide in Armageddon :joy::+1:

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Have you found the Haunted Barn yet?

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And the Orchard of the Dead :wink:

so what if days gone and gen 0 was to combine

In which matter? Hordes? The bikes?

more like FNIX replacing the hordes defiantly keeping the bikes