Day/Night time change

I think it would be nice to be able to change the time in the game. Doesn’t really need to be an actual display of an exact time, but if you could just interact with a safe house bed and pick dusk, morning, afternoon, evening, or dawn. Cause I seem to always be playing at night. And even tho the game looks great at night, I think it looks even better during the day time.


sometimes there are places where there are sleeping bags , like in upstairs on churches . maybe a right click could fade from night to day.

Yea there’s usually sleeping bags and a pillow at all the safe houses, which is why I thought there should automatically be a way to sleep and change the time like in most all games these days. Hopefully it will get added eventually.


Good idea. In solo player it would be easy to implement. Leaving your game alone some time when “paused” by ESC does it already. But in multiplayer ?

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That would be brilliant if the devs could implement it in the game. Toggle day/night mode on or off.

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Yea, and like mentioned above, if it was just a simple right click, or hold X or Square on console on a bed and it just shifts to early morning, or evening, that’s all that would be needed. And I’m sure something like that would take no time to implement.

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Or even in the menu section.

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I have a gripe that the night last way longer than the day cycle I wish it was more even or opposite the day time is beautiful. Also +1 to sleeping to change cycle

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Well, it’s Sweden in November. That time of year, nights get longer than days here.


Multiplayer could do the Minecraft system where everyone must be sleeping. After all most safe houses have several sleeping bags.


i thought that too, all players sleep at same time

What do you mean like… everyone playing goes to sleep at the same time? Is this like a set time type of thing where say sometime during the night you automatically go to sleep? Wouldn’t you miss all night gameplay though and only really play during daylight?

if there are 3 players , and all want to change it from night to day , then they all chose to sleep at the same time, and if everyone does then it changes, any time in the game, but they must all choose to sleep within a time limit ( perhaps 90 seconds ).

Ah I see. I don’t think that would be necessary though, especially when so many random people may join and not even talk to you. If you wanted to change the time you’d have to tell them to come and choose to also. I just think the simplest way would be for the host of the map to be in control of this. After all, they are playing on their map, so they will just have to accept it I guess lol.

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good points , random people joining are not very welcome usually ( i have found this out alot of times and ask very kindly if i can play and get kicked lol ). if a host just changed the game settings without asking i believe other players would get annoyed and just leave the session. in a private session with friends often changing game settings would be fine , but of course you would always ask your friend.

A great example is The Forest, where you can approach any (in this case; crafted) bed in the game and choose to sleep. It then says something like “awaiting other players: 1/4…” and then, even if your co-op friends are on the opposite side of the map- they can still do the same as long as there is a bed/sleeping bag/tent or whatever nearby. :+1:

the devs response to this during the stream sounded to me like it would interfere with the loot refresh timer. it seems to take an entire day of game world time for them to refresh and giving us that option could exploit that.

but i think we all saw what was in the barn so i believe time travel technology may exist in this game world.

Yes, I’d love a way to skip the night, I know, it’s Sweden and it’s late fall so the nights are long and the days short but I don’t like to be in the dark all the time.

They can re-work the loot system to account for sleeping, it seems if they locked it to the day/night cycle, then that was pretty short sighted of them, but then it seems more and more likely that they expected this to be a co-op game and never for a minute thought people would want to play solo. I have two friends who play the game and got me into it, but they are in another time zone and getting in with them to play together is difficult to schedule. Plus now they are both far beyond me and even finished the game so they aren’t really playing anymore, especially with all the bugs introduced in the latest patches. So I play solo, and would really like to sleep through the night.