Dead horse beating..level cap


Love game…bought dlc…promote to friends…BUT… now that I have level capped… bored. Leveling is such a big part of gaming. Without a level increase and perhaps even level based dlc… gonna put game on shelf and move on…sad.

sire note… if devs ever mod this game into a pvp/pve game…I would buy it again. Has the best atmosphere for an end times survival pvp game. No doubt much would need change…no more bullet sponge for sure… but with the beautiful map…plenty loot…bots and pvp…think would be fun… anyway. hope game continues to grow and improve… just allow the players to play the way THEY want…not the way the devs think they should…


While it would be a dream to let every single player do whatever they want, it’s simply impossible. Every decision made is a wager and you have to be sure that the majority of the players will like it, that it makes sense and that it fits the style of game you’re trying to make.
If they ever change the way level caps or PVE/PVP works, they have to be sure that as many players as possible will like the changes. You never know, though.


Level cap is a necessity, to not make you OP, which in fact you already are.
So, yeah, it is what it is, sir.

Most games have a level cap, it is just logical to have.
Imagine, you do not have one: from 30 and up, your level is… absolutely worthless.
It does not improve you sir, in whatever way.
No more skills to get, no other bonus, just a number going up… for absolutely no reason at all.

Also, you said: leveling is the main thing in the game, sir?
Have we been playing the same game, I wonder…
I thought the reason was to be resisting machines, to survive?
Was I wrong, there, then.


With unlimited leveling you basically mean getting unlimited skill points?
To what end would you need so many skill points? A limitation has the goal to make the player decide what he/she wants. If you get unlimited skill points why even bother deciding.
In addition the specialization becomes obsolete because you’re not specialized when you can do everything.

If you reach the level cap, adapt. There is more to GZ then “just level up”. You can hunt rivals for experimental weapons. You can search for collectables, finish the story and explore.

Well if YOU develop the game of course go wild. You can do it any way you want and can.
But unless other people do the work so you have something to enjoy it’s their decision. Since the development of the game has to pay the salaries of everybody involved with the game’s development the decision what to do with the game lies on the developers side.

Player engagement is one of the key factors which decide if a game is successful or not. Most players (at least what I read in the forum) are willing to have a challenge whether it’s the scarcity of items, the toughness of the enemies or adjust the skill set to your playstyle.
If you have everything within hours, enemies that fall with a couple of shots and/or unlimited skill points the engagement gets lost very soon (at least for me). Of course, if you need days to grind for a certain item or invest almost all ammo into only one enemy the engagement gets threatened as well. The right balance is difficult to find and if you ask 10 people about something you get at least 11 opinions :wink:

You still can play the game you want within the limits set by the game. If you’re not satisfied with the game, move on. The studio will release Second Extinction soon, maybe this game tailors more to your preferences?